Wednesday, June 1, 2011

day one of june:

7:02 am: I woke up with an extreme hunger I tried to ignore because I was so exhausted and I didn't want to wake up...but I got up.

I stretched

I realize that I eat the whole peanuts before I eat the half sides
I realize that I have a little ADD, no doubt.
I realize that I can't sleep more then 8 or 9 hours
I realize that I need to "create" when I'm alone.
I realize that I love doing "peer reviews" in my english class so I can see how other people write an essay, or hear about what they have to say, or learn about something I never knew about.

but for now I'm just chillen here, chomping on cucumbers and listening to calgary by Bon Iver

I want to:
grow my hair longer, longer, longer
work on my posture
wear a little less makeup
tan my skin

"I was so used to liking people and see if they liked me back...but I totally forgot people could like me's like woah, I wasn't even that into them but I guess it always happens like that"

last night I stumbled upon this, from the excalibur art magazine my highschool would put up every year. I never saw it until now:

and it actually makes me miss highschool. I loved highschool and I graduated an entire year ago.

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