Monday, May 30, 2011

i'd give it all back just to do it again

shuttle rides, rocks..stones...sticks
blue skies, lake views
me and brianna,only. 3 nights, 4 days.
not a trace of makeup
unsure days turned into safe and sound nights
so much noise; all different blends, all different stories
track 6 repeat in my mind, violin tunes
yogi, coconuts, sunblock
it happened so fast, it's all a blur
positive jives, jive joint
too cold, too hot, too rainy
always searching for something more
just another sip, just another jolt
flava lit
everything was perfectly planned, perfectly placed
vegan drinks, deserts, food
I didn't see one piece of meat this whole trip
and the people...can't even explain that to you
back at lucky aged, back at briannas. I ate the most refreshing orange today.


I suddenly don't care about my phone anymore

I'm back home,
back to reality,
tan and peaceful as ever

lightning in a bottle> "thunder in a can"
"i feel like I wanna put something on my face...but no that's not it"

I brought, and used up 4 disposable cameras. you'll have wait, but it's okay because so will I.

on the way home: talk-coldplay

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