Thursday, May 26, 2011

24, May

When people hear I go to SMC, they are always really surprised because of the distance. With no traffic, it's 20 minutes. With traffic it's an hour.

I guess that is pretty bad but I don't care because I love the school and when I sit in traffic, it's almost like my time to sort out all my thoughts and listen to my music as loud as it goes. Annnnd, the colleges around my house don't interest me. SMC fits me perfect.

when I move out of my parents house, I'm going to be vegan and I want to start shopping at different cultured markets, and mostly farmers markets. I'm excited about this.

I think I'm losing weight

I wanna learn violin sometime in my life

today I was reading my book for extra credit in my psychology class (because I slacked off...but this book was interesting) and how depression comes from the chemical norephinephrine- which the chemical that is released in times of pleasure. When you have too much of this chemical, you start having depression symptoms. In conclusion, when you please yourself only it turns out for the negative. I appreciate self-less people.

she deh outta control, a more fire she waan in har soul

blue veins.
I was thinking about the veins in my wrist today. It kind of freaks me out but then again, I think it's beautiful.

my friends in my english class, every tuesday, ask me how my weekend was. I really enjoy that because it sparks up good conversation and it's a really good way to learn about someone....and out of us 3 girls, everyone always has good stories to tell!

royal blue- cold war kids was the song of the day

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