Monday, February 14, 2011


I've never been more hungry then I was this morning, NEVER. It's all because of last night, I got to work at 4:45 thinking I started at 5:30 and planning enough time to have a meal...then I found out I start at 5. I was so sad, since I worked all day and didn't really eat anything except gatorade and crackers. So I didn't eat really yesterday, this morning I woke up and got to work and was starving. I ate so much salad, pasta and bread. If you think about it, peas, are a healthy hassel. They are vegetables but they are SO little, why do we even eat them? especially on a salad. They never stay on the fork, it's not really worth it. I still eat them.

I'm happy the salad bar at work is healthy, and free.

I really enjoy working around customers that are not my age group.

listened to the beatles with spencer and brianna for the remainder of the night

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