Friday, February 11, 2011


tonight was surprising, katie drove to the valley, copz, "imagine there was a shooting"

I've been mentally preparing myself to be vegan for a while now, I really respect it and I think it's beautiful they use everything purely from the earth. I don't know when I'll do it but I want too, at least for a short period. Why not, right?

and today I met Elle, she goes to CSUN and works at in n out. she was riding her bike in front of me, kind of going slow...which I hated because I love going fast. we both were at the red light and I was telling my self I was going to get in front of her so I'm not slowed down. while standing at the red light, I asked her "so how is bike riding today?" and she told me how it sucked because she had to use a old bike that went slow. it makes me remember that you never know someones situation, therefore everyone should always have a equal chance.

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