Monday, February 7, 2011


Spent the entire day with brianna and did whateva the heck we wanted because neither of us had work. we didn't get out of the house till around 6pm because we were being the occasional bum so our day started around 6pm where we got ice cream cones and we talked about how the last bite you take should be the worst one because you don't want to be wanting more. Christine met with us and we drove to hollwood for our "real" first club experience which ended up being unexpectedly way too cool. We had low hopes of meeting anymore because no one was really relatable, but we did. Two different groups of guys.

The first group of about 5 guys was a little shy and nerdy but really cool. I saw them standing around a table so I jumped into their group and started talking to them then eventually we were all hanging out. They are all from New York studying abroad. They think California weather is absolutely amazing.
The 2nd group was about 7 guys, all from pepperdine and all super cute. Ryan, Scott, Jordon, Kevin and I forget the rest. Ryan, who hung out with us most of the night because he was the designated driver is one of the six physics majors in pepperdine. Crazy.

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