Monday, January 17, 2011


on day 207 of 2010, "hung out with bekka today. met some cool people at the beach....", and one of the people I met that day, hired me to do his shots. I meet the coolest people, strangers, friends every single day.

I don't want that to stop.

later I had my last interview at Rosies, and I got hired. I start wednesday! Even better way to meet people day to day.

This is Raul, he told me he likes the way I use my lighting. Biggest compliment because natural lighting is what I focus on even more then the model it's for someone to notice, makes me feel content

I spent the night in, it was very productive and I was very behind on my photography work. Ever since I've been doing the "50$ photoshoots", I actually feel photography is my job. It's been cute. I've been getting a lot of emails, and I have to schedule, plan and talk about the shoot, then do the shoots, edit the photos, burn them on a disk and mail them (and I stick on butterfly sticks, to be cute :P)....I love it! I even have been using a planner!

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