Thursday, January 13, 2011


(fyi, this is really long blog with a bunch of jumpy thoughts)

In my life lately I feel like I have to put out a strong fire, learn about another humans strength and weaknesses all over again and well, I'm not too sure how to word it so I won't. Lately I have been craving significant moments and having at least one adventure each day. Oh and I definitely can't stand radio music anymore. Any time it comes on either Bri and I turn it off immidiately without realizing it or even knowing the song. Weird, and funny.

I feel like there's games too, kind of. Or even puzzles. In a positive way.

But, I'm in love with the song Cosmic Love by Florence in the Machine. It's such a beautiful song, and pretty powerful. If you really think about it, this song can pertain to anyone.

Today was happy and sunny. Brianna and I woke up at 7am to do a photoshoot at Balboa Lake, which was interesting. We packed a latter into her little two door acura, drove on almost empty, got a prostitute-like request (which was not a postitive part of the day), walked a mile to a river and a mile back, ate ice cream cones, and chased the ducks.

Came home, and took the night in. My body is so tired and sore from all the running we've been doing. Talked with a friend Shane a while about like nutirtion and how Americans these days ignore their biological signals. He was telling me, 100 years ago if something made you sick, or too much of something made you sick i.e. alcohol, you wouldn't do it as much or would stop doing it. Now we almost celebrate it by saying "Man I was so wasted last night, I puked twice." So, so true.

So in celebration of having a interesting conversation, I'll be chomping on carrots.

Last thought I got as I was ending the blog: I love my friends. Brianna is the one who I "live" with: we go out somewhere different every morning, day, night and do something where we experience yet learn from. Megan is my friend who I learn with: about relationships and friendships and how to be a overall person with rational feelings. Christine is the friend I grow with in my brain about myself and solitude as well as other peoples feelings. Bekka, who I haven't been able to experience much with for 3 months is my passionate friend who I experience what it's like to really live and love. I miss her so much, she's back from Europe but has a sinus infection and I can't use my car...but we will see each other soon! We just talked about how since she's left it's been for both of us, the most moving and growing experience of our lives.

I've never been more excited to hang out with a friend before.

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