Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I woke up real early this morning and headed over to Santa Monica to hang out with my friend Evan. It was a fun, a lot of intriguing thought provoking conversation. After driving around for a while on a broken heater in the pouring rain we decided to hangout in whole foods where we ate and talked about things like science vs art, man made food vs natural foods, natures forces, journaling, life/death situations, traveling, different types of love, how many made the city- laws- schooling-etc.

We talked about human desires, what the human eye is comfortable with like clothing, hair cuts...and how if people arn't following the trends of society they are outkasted in a sense.

We talked about different cultures.

We talked about how man has a natural pull to start forming groups.

I learned he was a Vegan but in a cool way, hen I got in the car I had a bag of cookies my mom had made (she made tons...) that I gave to him and he seemed happy to have them and ate them up real quick. Later we went to whole foods and told me he was Vegan, when I was a little confused because he ate my cookies with butter, milk, eggs, etc. I asked him why and he said he would rather pay me respect by trying the cookies I brought for him then having to pass something up because of a strict diet. I was pretty taken back by it and thought it was awesome. He gave me a interesting lecture on organic foods and why he was so in love with them. It convinced me to be a little healthier.

We saw the coolest painting, ever.

We talked about how we are just guests on this planet. Nature is such a strong force. If it decides to rain, it's going to pour and you can't pray to God to make it stop...you just have to deal with it. As humans, all we do on a daily basis is adapt to nature and we don't even know it. We live in houses mainly because, and no one really thinks about it this way, is because of the drastic weather conditions.

We talked about heros and enemies in a basic sense of the every day person.

We talked about freedom.

"you have to sacrifice yourself to become the person you wanna be"

He's a cool dude, we have a very similar outlook on life as well as music taste and study interests. We also both write down everything in our phones, journals, on our hands of quotes and saying we want to remember and take with us. I never met anyone who did that. We were saying how if you don't ever take pictures or write down things you'll most likely forget them. Even if you write down what you had for dinner and you look at it a week later you are bound to remember the experience of that night...who you were with, the surroundings, the conversation.

After today, I KNOW I want to study Sociology.

On my way home, I listened to Bon Iver and it really hit the spot. I realized in most of his songs he sings about a depressing part in his life but ALWAYS leaves you in the end feeling positive and uplifiting,

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