Sunday, December 12, 2010




I was reading Bekkas blog, just a few minutes again, sitting on Kevins bed next to a box of tissues (because he's sick) while he switches from playing the piano to playing the guitar. I always enjoy ready her blogs while I listen to Kevin play. She was talking about how she challenges people to talk to someone for no reason and only ask about themselves, in other words don't talk about yourself.

I think that's so powerful.

We once had a conversation similar to that, of how if you stay humble about yourself and if you don't brag or boast of your talent or what you have accomplished in your life straight off the bat to a new soul then it makes it so much more special. If you stay to yourself, and let people find out about you, then once they find something about your they like they will cherish it find it so muhc more intriguing and special...they may remember you forever.

Anyways, so I was thinking about how many times do we tell OUR life stories? "Hi, I'm jessica, I don't like being short, I take pictures, I enjoy eating healthy food, I have big heart for people, I enjoy meeting people, I don't like being alone, when I take pictures of people smiling- I smile as well, I have good girl friends, blah blah blah same old. No one really cares, and if they did they'll ask.

If we all just stepped out of our comfort zones and met someone at a cafe, or a library or standing in line for something, we all would have a different understanding for different types of people and be able to expand our knowledge, love, understand, etc.

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