Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Well today was one of he most productive days of my life. I spent today in solitude and I have never felt better! I woke up, took a shower and headed on my way to get a oil change. While I was waiting for my car to be finished I sat in starbucks doing my english homework while random tracks of John Lennon played followed by Christmas Carols. As I glanced over I saw a group of 3 people sitting on a round table next to a big glass window. Sitting there they were almost a silohuette, but faintly their image was seen as I saw bible in in the mans hand.

I was curious, of course.

& I was waiting for the right time.

After completely about 4 pages of homework, the lady in the group of 3 got up and I quickly had my chance to ask her what kind of bible she was reading and informed her of how curious I was about what they were talking about. They were Christians. I was so excited, the lady talked to me a bit and let me know how she is a pastor at the newly devloped church in chatsworth of four years and gave me her card and said they have services tuesday & friday nights. Quickly I opened my phone and texted Brianna because I knew she would want to go with me. I continued my homework, when the guy turned around to me and started talking, and I found out he went to my highschool for a year or two- but way before my time.

The sincerity and warmth I recieved from these people was amazing.

Well, my car was finished so I shook hands with these people and headed on my way. I came home, ate some lunch and had this cool idea that I should apply at portraits studios in the mall. So, again, I was on my way...I stopped at the 99 cent store to pick up pictures frames, glue sticks and glitter pens for future art projects and then headed to the mall. I filled out one application in my entiety there. I really felt good about it. The application and I had a friend who works there. I have 4 years experience with kids, and 3 years behind the camera. These portrait studios primaraly work with kids and cameras so fits me very well. After, I explored the mall and gained ideas for christmas gifts and even bought some of them.

Came home, made a nice healthy sandwich and I've been sitting at the computer ever since. I finished 6 pages of english book work, 2 english essays and 3 lessons of math homework all in one day.

Today was a abnormally good day.

I've never felt so content by myself.

I had some really good conversations with 2 of my really good friends. Seems like everyone is going through a little pain at the moment. I really do love my friends, they mean so much to me. All I want in my life, is a lot of love, the ability to learn, true friendships and adventure!

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