Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Saturday was school and sleepy day spent with Kevin.

I've spent so much honest time with him.

I love him

Anyways, he is learning a song from Bach on the piano, which he's almost got down by the way. Anyways, this song is amazing! both hands do different things, I noticed while I was watching. I've never been more mesmerized by an instrument. I really enjoy classical music.

Kevin told me that he wrote that he wrote these songs for his kids so that they could keep playing them. I like that fact. Interesting to me, and it inspired me to write this blog. It made me so interested because I think that is so beautiful he wrote sons for his kids and how now, that would never happy. What father has time to sit down and make up master pieces for their children simply to have? What father has time to even play with his kids anymore?

We are run too much on money, alcohol, drugs, material items, work, and electricity to develop real and sincere relationships. We get caught up in me, me, me, me.

Another humbling moment I had, is that Kevin told me one of his friends had passed away. My heart dropped because today my biggest worry was what I was going to war, and eat, and who I was going to see so I could have fun. Me, me, me, when SOMEONE ELSE is going through a terrible lose of something of actual importance.

A human.

A precious, fragile life.

And all I could care about was my clothes and makeup.

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