Friday, December 3, 2010


Everything...everything is just a reprecussion of something else. Especially us, humans, we are just what created us and then what created them. Time is never stopping, it's on going and what we do effects everything else around us.

We didn't evolve, we were created.

Honestly, I believe we were created by God as well. I believe people fear God because they view him as a alien. But what is an alien? def: unlike one's own; strange; not belonging to one. Yeah God is an alien, I guess, you can SAY that...but not really because you have a personal relationship with him that unexplainable unless you're saved as a Christian. For real tho, I'm not close minded and I understand why people don't believe in God. I wish they did tho.

Everything intrigues me.

& HOW CRAZY is history. We don't sit down and write down history...we subconsciously record it through music, pictures, journals, books, etc. Whatever is popular right now is going to represent what we were as a culture in 50 years. What is famous from back then, is just what was "popular" I bet there were SO many more artists, musicians, writers that we don't even know about because as time goes on less and less get remembered .

Right now, we are just lucky to be alive.

We are alive & lovely.

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  1. oh girl... i love you. haha

    "we are alive and lovely."

    so true. I love that quote. Its going in my life inspiration folder. :)

    miss you.