Monday, November 1, 2010


First of all, I am lucky to have good people in my life. Not only good, but people just like me...with the same morals and values and brought up in homes just like mine. I'm slowly starting to notice that growing up in private school is SO MUCH DIFFERENT then growing up in public school your whole life. Everyone has told me that, and I was always like in denial because I didn't want to be labeled as a "goodie". BUT I WAS A GOODIE, I want to be a goodie! I like my innocence, and I love the people who surround me.

It makes me miss high school so much! You don't even know.

Or maybe you do, I hope you do.

and I'm not saying public school kids are bad AT ALL, I'm just saying private school kids are sheltered. severely.

I'm so used to crazy good hearted innocent people in e v e r y person I meet. and I still believe that, but I feel I have to dig deeper to find that in them.

Real life, is not like that. But yet, I still find beauty in everyone...everyone deserves a chance to be who they are- open up and explore true feelings and emotions because life is only a sequence of learning events to make you into the person you are ultimately going to be. It's great!

I am just super blessed to have amazing friends. I love you guys.


anyways, back to life. I hung out with Christine all day until 8. We went to panera bread, then went to the park and hung out in warm, warm sun listening to pandora radio while she studied for her test. Did cartwheels, ate peach rings, frolic'd the neon green grass, laid, talked, laughed. It was nice. We came back to my house and did a photoshoot at the Catholic church.

Then left to hang out with Kevin, which again, if I could record my thoughts and play them onto my blog I SO WOULD, because I don't's something else, and really different. In such a good way! He's so great. I feel like he brings the optimistic side of me out, even more-so then I was before.

Anyways, for the Halloween aspect of today...there was none. Halloween was lame this year, I mean I went to a costume party friday but I didn't even take a photo of my cute costume! super bummed.

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