Tuesday, October 19, 2010


my first time ever writing my blog post EARLY, but it's a must because I'm dedicating it to Bekka Gunther aka my SOUL SISTER. Literally. I have never experienced a friendship like I have with her. She is leaving to Europe for 3 months and I won't see her till January!

It all started with her needing my help, I was a photographer and she was interning for the Santa Clarita Signal. I remember it so clearly, I was at my ex boyfriends house when she called and left a voicemail. After finishing dnner, I listened to the message and at first I didn't really understand what she wanted I didn't even know if I wanted to help out...because back then I wasn't like I am now. Believe it or not, I was not a very deep person. I was never into taking adventures, meeting people, or learning about anything I could like I am now

I really think Bekka has a lot to do with that, and what has changed inside of me.

But I decided to help her out for the fun of it. She picked me up from work one day, two summers ago, and we headed off to Burbank, were we interviewed a band called Tha Tooonz...interesting people but that is besides the point! On the car ride there we had SO much to talk about, we interviewed the band and had a blast, then later we went to dinner and still yet had much to talk about. We also did our very first photoshoot together. Weeks following she was getting emails to interview all sorts of bands, so we did! It was SO FUN, and such a adventure. We interviewed about 4 other bands, all with different stories. Some really cool, some really creepy, and some we got really awesome opportunties to go concerts and hang out backstage. Within that time we started hanging out as friends, we started taking crazy adventures to hollywood, santa monica, hidden areas of chattsworth, etc...doing photoshoots, meeting people, going to concerts, discovering music, having AMAZING talks and being completely passionate about life and people.

One of the most amazing experiences of my life was with her, just a few months ago. It was the day that what was coming out of my mouth FINALLY kept up with all my stirring thoughts...we were hiking and at the top of the hill my mouth just began spilling out phrases and thoughts and everything wrapped up together and made absolute sense. We were up there for a hour in the blazing heat and I didn't even realize it. It was one of the most honest conversations I could have had. I didn't even feel like it was another person, I felt like I was talking to my other self because n o t h i n g was held back. As weird as that sounds, that's how it was.

I wish I could tell you more stories, but they are so many because every single time we've hung out it has been a experience like the one I just mentioned. She has really taught me to LOVE people and she has taught me how you can learn and take in experiences from every "soul" on this earth. Her goal and mine now too is just too meet as many souls and to gain as many life experiences as possible with stepping out of your comfort zone and taking chances.

She has seen my laugh, cry, worry, wonder, learn, experience, and fall in love. She just knows. She's my soul sister, and my best friend. I almost feel like her going away for 3 months is like her dying. I know she is going to do amazing things. People have always told US that were going to do amazing things, and I can not for her to come back so we can finally put those "amazing things" to the test. It will happen.

Have a safe, fun, healthy, and amazing trip . Brain love, forever =)

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