Saturday, October 2, 2010


Black Keys Concert with Bekka was fun :) although I'm going to be honest here, they are a really good and talented band, but I think I'd rather just listen to them on track rather than in concert unless I was like RIGHT in front. Because, even tho the music aspect of them way amazing, the way he would sing was off so it was super hard to sing along to the songs I knew, and they didn't play any of my favorites songs really. The music is super raw, which I love but I think it could've been louder. You know that feeling when it beats in your chest? I barely got that, I was bummed a little, but I think the venue was a little big for it to do that. Also, I've never seen so many tall people in my life. It sucked, I might have grown like 3 inches just from trying to strech that night to see...not really, but I wish. ha.

(bekka has better photos on her camera, I'll post once I get them)

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