Thursday, July 29, 2010


went to the thrift store bought a old minolta film camera and a sweater. then went to SMC to get my ID picture taken with bri, then went down to venice. Fun night.....:)

Bri and I actually were thinking about it and how similar is evolution to Christianity? It's saying that a single cell was ALWAYS there, nothing created that and nothing sparked that...just was there. Now Christians say God was ALWAYS there, nothing made him. Now God made the world and everyone in it, well so did that single cell. So they're say it makes sense that, that little cell was always there but not a God. It's a parallel basically but just saying nothing made something OR something made something.

Now which takes more faith to believe in? A single cell, or a all mighty God? I just don't understand how people can believe this super complex universe was created out of one little itty bitty cell. Now that..... if you ask me, takes a lot of faith.

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