Friday, July 16, 2010


Hurricane Harbor with the kiddos at work. It was fun, a little stressful and a lot of yelling like "don't walk ahead of me" etc. I was in charge of about 7 other kids which is a lot for me, but I stuck with my co worker Jeff for most of the time so it made it a lot easier. I mean he had 5 other kids himself but still less stressful.

Later went to Jennas and our friend Skyeler was there too...Jenna told me she had a surprise for me and it ended up being Sky, which is a good surprise because I missed her!! All 3 of us used to hangout like every weekend. Hopefully we'll start that up again. We went to go see inception with some friends, it was fun. I was soo tired tho but I love meeting new people haha.

"gooGLe maps"
"everybodys messaging me!"

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