Thursday, June 24, 2010


Field trip day, went to the El Capitan in Hollywood to see Toy Story 3 in a 3D then after they had a like a Toy Story themed carnival for the kids. It was super fun and such a great day. I made some conversation with a guy named Seth and he was from another camp...he lives Wisconsin and he goes to college with a friend who lives in Michigan and they came down to Southern California looking for a summer camp job and both got hired in one in North Hollywood. I thought that was so cool and what a summer to remember. That would be awesome to do that, maybe with a friend just live in another state or city all summer and work at a camp.

I love meeting new people!

Anyways a good, tiring, funny, outgoing, 10 hour day. Getting paid tomorrow, I'm excited for that! & I have another headshot session tomorrow....3 client photoshooots in 1 week is pretty awesome! I'm back into my photographic self again, which is nice...I went through a LONG break.

Speaking of photography, well not really but something that ties into it. The other day my & I were playing and he snapped at my face, not in a mean way, but she caught my left eye and I swear for 5 minutes it was pure blur, with a peach tint...I thought I was blind in my left eye...after all the blood cleared up and I calmed down (I got super light headed and my ears were ringing) my mom said it was just a cut on my eye lid and it was swollen for a few days and really pink. I don't know, it's just a reminder of how much we take our body parts for granted. A eye, so simple yet so complex can stop working properly in a split second....and hey, there goes my photography career or it would be a GREAT challenge to keep up the work I am producing. I am thankful for my eyes, they do a lot of amazing stuff for me and I wouldn't want that to change. God is good.

Long blog...sorry. I wonder who would even read this, so long and no pictures. I definitely wouldn't. Well if you got this far... thank you :)

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