Thursday, June 17, 2010


Woke upat 7 am after 5 hours of sleep, got a donut, subway and advil before work. Today was a field trip, we went down to the science center in LA and I followed behind the bus in my car...which isn't the most fun thing to do. Anyways the trip was pretty fun, and we saw a IMAX movie which I fell asleep in, I kind of wish I didn't because from what I saw of it- it looked pretty good. At the end of the 10 hour shift, I went to the Faith Baptist graduation with Brianna

Now I'm home and looking forward to a lot of sleep.

random fact: I really love maps and globes...I'm so intrigued by them, I can look at them forever. I really think they're so artistic hahahah. They had floor and wall maps in the science center.

If I ever had to get a tattoo, I would get a butterfly or a map on my right wrist...kind of like that. I don't think I ever would.

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