Sunday, June 13, 2010



anyways...Friday aka the busiest day Bri & I have ever experienced. We went down to Venice, Brianna, Megan and I. It was really nice,went to the back to get a new debit card, then we went to her house and did soo much laundry, got locked out so we went down to the jacuzzi until her mom came back home then rushed to the mall to get megan a gift then ran back to her house to finish the laundry and then headed to mine to get ready for the Wicker show in hollywood!!! Which was the highlight of my life, it was SOOOO MUCH FUNN, I can't even describe it. I went to one before and I thought it was amazing but this one definitely topped it off and it was way more fun because I knew all the lyrics! Then we hit up carneys, which is like a hamburger/hot dog place in Hollywood around 1am :) yum


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