Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Sorry I really haven't had time to actually write meaningfull blog, or things that people would actually like to read about because I haven't really been home much since graduation, tonight is the first night I'll be spending the night at home since friday....but maybe you will find some of this stuff I'm about to write useful. We'll see, I don't really know who reads my blogs but if you do, you're awesome to take some of your lifr out to read a little piece of mine.

this morning Dakota and I woke up pretty late, well late for me because I rarely sleep that late...we were supposed to go to the beach but again, we woke up too late so we did a little photoshoot and let me practice head shots on her to gain more experience. Then went to a friend, Andrews house where we watched cloudy with a chance of meatballs. funny and cute movie.

came home and last minute went to a dodger game with Brianna because our friend chuckles (his nick name) and my new friend aaron had extra tickets...met up with some other people there and it was really a great time! Went to carls jr after, with everyone.

Had some really good conversation about God, especially on the car ride back home.
It's really nice to hang around with people who love God and love talking about their faith. one of the many topics that came up and really stuck in my head was what makes up more different then demons? demons know about God but they just choose to reject him and if we don't live out our faith as Christian, as we proclaim it...then what are we doing? we are rejecting him and choosing to be nothing more then a demon. In the bible it tells you how to be saved, believe in Christ and live out in your actions by his commandments, etc. It's really mind boggling, but I love it.

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