Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So maybe I would say I have a talent for photography...but not a passion. I have lost my "drive" since the beginning of this year and I have not been "inspired" for a very very long time.

Maybe God is telling me that this isn't my calling....
How sad, I keep making up excuses like "I have been inspired", "I need a new camera", "I need new models" but in reality I think I have just lost my passion but hopefully it is temporary. I am not going to stop, I still do want to buy a new camera because I feel I will do better things with it. I feel I have grown out of my Nikon D40 and it can't accomplish what I want it too

I am a phrustrated fotographer at the moment.

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  1. BUTT your an amaazing photographer!!!! thats how i am with my art =/ but im finally getting inspired! it'll come back to you i know it will your wonderful =]