Friday, May 28, 2010


Grad night was last night/this morning! So fun! :) it's so trippy, by the time we left it was morning.
mass beatbox on the bus, "my back hurts, I must be growing up", hanging out with KT, the music being louder on the outside of the club,"first hand", "hey hey F YOU....eveyone we are a christian school by the way", BTW YSD,rice krispies, csheasar schalads on schaturdays, nope *pop*, seeing everyone I know from every school besides my own, I'M DROWSY!!!, ice cream for breakfast, "I cut out my tongue last night but it didn"t hurt at all" being so freaking tired on the bus yet laughing about every single thing.

we got back to school at 8am, I dropped Brianna off and this is the view from her pretty :)
I slept till 2 today, it was so nice. graduation tomorrow!!

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