Saturday, May 22, 2010


For many people who know me, know that I have this intense passion for health and nutrition. (although I love ice cream don't get me wrong) One thing that I REALLY think is a waist of time to eat is yogurt. Why not just eat a piece of fruit? In yogurt you're getting all the natural sugars from the fruits along with added sugars to make it taste good...and who know's what other crap they put in it, creams and all those chemicals. Some of the 'lite' yogurts contain aspertame in them...which is also found in the diet drinks which is actually horrible for you. I haven't eaten yogurt in sooo long, I really don't even find a craving for it- it's such a waist. I might as well eat a bowl of ice cream.

Just food for thought... literally. haha.

Okay so anyways, I thought today was sunday like all day. I love when that happens because then you get all excited knowing you have one more day of the weekend. Anyways, I tanned & shopped with Brianna. Then had dinner with my Grandma & Aunt. Came home and signed up for my SMC classes!! So crazy, but I'm so excited for college!!!

Graduating in exactly one week! I'm ready, sad, and excited all at the same time! I felt sad all week long knowing my last day of real high school was friday...but you have to look at it as EVERYONE graduates and moves on and so do I...just have to be ready for what life gives you. I put all my trust in the Lord and I know he will do whatever is right for me with my life.

Oh and I painted my Aunts nails with cheetah print :) No they are not decals, I actually painted them by hand haha

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