Thursday, May 20, 2010


Today was graduation practice, it's so crazy! wearing our cap and gowns and's just weird because I remember seeing the seniors practice in previous years and now it's US, in less then two weeks I will have graduated. It's also really sad writing in yearbooks "good luck next year in college" WTH? I'm not going to see these people anymore? 6 years of my life spent with them, most of them at least and NOW I'm just starting to bond with them. It's like no one cares about anything negative and were all focusing on ad. well, last day of real school tomorrow! I wanna cry hahahha I'm going to make the best of it<3

anyways...we got out at 12 so some of my friends & I went to red robin and saw other people from our school so we all decided to go to a park- all the guys played basketball and we just watched haha, then got bored so went to the store and bought popsicles for everyone. Later we went to Dereks house and swam and hung out.

Another really great day

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