Monday, April 5, 2010


Woke up this morning got starbucks with one of my best friends Dakota =)

Then headed over to my friend Daniels house, where I asked him to prom. He graduated from my school last year, and he's a friend. I heard he wanted to go, and his best friend was going with my best friend so I thought it was a perfect opportunity for everyone to be happy haha. He said yes hah.

Then Dakota & I got slurpees & lotto tickets! I'm not even 18 =) but we both won 3 bucks each! it was cool!

Then went prom dress shopping & she got her dress then we went to chipotle.

After the day seemed like it was over, Christine & I went to the movies and saw The Last Song, yeah I definitely cried. Then we got Stonefire.

busy and very fun day.

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