Tuesday, April 6, 2010


so much to say and only one blog post a day to say it! I LOVE THE WORLD. I'm so in love with everyone and everything at the moment, haha!

Yesterday I went to Hollywood with Bekka and hit up Ameoba Records and searched in the clearance sections for new music. So cheap , it's about 1.99 each. I picked based on the covers of the cds. They have a deal of buy 4 and get the cheapest one free. I got 4 cds for 7 bucks!
Heres what I got:
-Ivan& Alyosha...the verse, the chorus (love itttt)
-Undersea Poem
-& Megafaun...Bury the Sqaure

I actually saw Megafaun when I saw Bon Iver on Sept 27 2009 (aka the best night of my entire life) they were pretty good! I like them even more now that I have there cd.

Well today, was kind of frustrating but it got better!
I took my placement tests with my friend Katie at Santa Monica college! let's just say I should take my math test over again =) my english was pretty good tho!
Later I went to my friend Kristens house and helped her out with her photography assignment of doing a stop motion! I was her model! It's cute. Here's some photos from it =)

I'm going to bed RIGHT NOW! I've had to get up every day early since break started besides monday! I really wanted to read my bible tonight but I am soo sleep deprived! I will tomorrrow! Love you all!!!!!!

I also have to get my film developed!it's just out of a crappy disposable but I'm excited for them!

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