Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Behind all the cliche clothing and overused words I am actually a very interesting person with really WEIRD thoughts. Every time I express a outlook on life or a thought people 90% of the time usually say "I've never thought of that/ like that before" which in some cases can be frustrating because I can never the thoughts in my head into words...I have such complex thoughts I can't even explain it! I also have really strange habits, one of them is that I have a strange craving 24/7 for lettuce- plain lettuce. Since I've become a vegetarian for lent my everyday meal has been a lettuce sandwhich. Just one of those new thin bagels and a load of lettuce. yummmm. I think everyday someone asks me "is that JUST lettuce?".

I think once I can collect all the weird things about me I'll make a list of all of my weird habits. Maybe someone out there will find it intersting, and probably strange.

I hope you had a good day! I did!

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