Thursday, February 25, 2010


I know that I'm a photographer and all, and I bet you know that too...but it doesn't mean I know EVERYTHING about photography- truth is, I don't know a lot! I bring this up because I have gotten anonymous messages via myspace and flickr mainly with blank profiles (or even people I know in general) asking me like what exactly I do to my photos and whatnot. It's quite annoying because I'm not going to tell you my step by step process, or even my personal tricks. I also get a lot is what kind of camera I use- I get it, everyone wants a nice camera...but find a camera that is fit for you!!!! Just research, find one that you are going to love and want to're going to be using it, not me!I've only had one slr, and it's not even top of the line so I barely know anything about cameras. Also, I don't get why people are always asking where I shoot my photoshoots..seriously I just find places...just by driving around- I don't have a secretive way or anything. Sometimes even friends will stumble upon and cool spot and tell me about it. Just be creative with your own mind, not mine.
I just do what I do, mainly it's from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE...try it <3


So for all who don't know what this's called a friendship date. In my religion class the guys have a assignment to ask a girl creatively to be his friendship date, and then we just have to do a half hour minimum activity together. I have two friendship dates but I didn't have a photo of the other one. Well this morning, Ricky, the guy in the photo, "dressed up" like Curios George- it was so cute & funny. & there was chocolate on it...haha my favorite!! yum.

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