Sunday, February 21, 2010

52 & 5/40 of being vegetarian

This morning I spent going to jamba juice & church with Brianna. After dakota & I went to this vegetarian resturant with vegan options! It's called follow your heart on sherman way in between canoga and topanga. It was good! I really want to go back and try something new. The cool part of it, is that it's also a little mini mart too- it reminds me of a Trader Joes. Next door was like a little designer thrift shop where I found the CUTEST true religion brown cords- which were one size TOO SMALL! I was so upset =( they were so cute.

Besides my emotions have been a wreck. I'm happy, sad, confused, jealous, curious and all in all wondering.
I don't know what I want =(

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