Friday, February 19, 2010

50...3/40 vegetarianism

Today...I felt like I wanted to brighten up 52 lives but I failed. I only really attempted one. I will tell you my sad, rejected story. Joey and I were sitting in McDonalds for our every-once-in-a-while 69cent ice cream cone! though I was going to say like a big mac or chicken nuggets---and if you know me I would never...but in fact McDonalds ice cream is one of the healthiest you could ever eat! so I guess everyone once in a while isn't too bad.

anyways...we were sitting in there after finishing up and I just happened to see a worker washing the floors, he was a older hispanic guy. He looked a little sad...and after seeing Valentines Day I really felt today was Vday...and seeing him alone made me want to put a smile on his face- even a smirk would do! So he told us to lift up our feet so he could wash under neath us but not really actually- it was more of a grunt, but I knew what he meant of course! after he did I told him to have a nice day- loudly might I add...a few seconds later I realized he most likely did not understand me. I felt rejected...and a little retarded.

so if you're really this, have a WONDERFUL night. Maybe I'll reach my goal without even knowing it, but most likely not because I know how it is to look at a long LONG paragraph of a blog and be like "forget it I'm NOT reading this" because that is simply how our minds word- we love pictures, quotes, videos but not long paragraphs. So I respect you for even taking the time to get this far into my blog...Love you all.

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