Friday, January 15, 2010


So I am currently drinking a venti sweetened black ice tea sitting on the computer waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up... soon to regret the decision of having to much sugar. I used to drink these all the time in the summer but ever since, well I don't know when, I just started drinking water 95% of the time. I can't handle this much sugar anymore, it's sickening. It's weird how sugar can be poison, in a sense, to the body. Oh well, leaving that note I had a great day! In Econ class we learned about how Wal-Mart is taking over the world, literally. It's gross. I grew up never shopping at Wal-Mart because my step dad works in a union and Wal-Mart is not a union so union people are anti non-union people? does that make sense? I hope. Anyways, in my understanding of it, it is that Wal-Mart takes over the little family run business' of quality and it makes a one-stop market for all your needs. It kind of makes people have a lazier mentality and makes things a lot easier without the effort. AND what I learned is lets say they are selling microwaves for think that is a really great price but when you go to the microwave section you already have the mind-set that everything is that low you when you want to buy the higher quality microwave it might even be more than another store. It's all psychological. So now, I just don't shop at Wal-Mart...not because of my parents beliefs but because of my own beliefs built upon my parents. 


  1. be good... you know what I'm talking about :) I love you!

  2. I am! my resolution is still going strong! love you moreeee <3